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Key Distinctions

  • Capital preservation & protection from market volatility are central to our investment strategy.
  • Predictable monthly income without annuities.
  • To better serve you, our employees are paid competitive salaries rather than commissions.
  • No account management fees.

Stadia Capital Group was founded on three key principles, people, products, and profit. Take care of our people, provide exceptional products and services, and earn fair profits.

We set out to build a company that we not only want to work for, but where we would be willing to invest our own money.

For far too long the senior management at many firms have put their own interest over the interests of employees, customers and the environment. While a business needs to earn profits on invested capital to survive and thrive, we believe maximizing profits at the expense of those who have contributed towards the success of the company is not only unethical, it is short sided.

If you believe as we do that success is measured in more ways than simply a number at the bottom of an earnings statement, we invite you to join our growing list of satisfied clients.

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