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Predictable Monthly Income

With Less Volatility & Zero Fees

Sempervirens Fund

Stadia Capital Certificate of Investment

Investment Features.

Functions Like a Certificate of Deposit

Term: 24, 36, or 48 months

Competitive rates up to 6.5%

Predictable monthly interest payments

Full principal back at maturity

Freedom from market volatility

Zero sales commissions, zero management fees

Complimentary self-directed retirement account ($800+ value) - learn more

How It Works.

Offered direct to Accredited Investors through Private Placement Memorandum

Meets Regulation D Rule 506c of the Securities Act

Funding used for private real estate acquisition, development, and construction projects

Maintain minimum of 10% liquid reserves

Abides by the American Association of Private Lenders Code of Ethics

Why Invest with Stadia Capital Group

Brett Kennelly

Have you noticed how hard it is to find investments with attractive returns and low volatility these days? The low interest rate environment has been great for borrowing money and buying real estate, but it has been terrible for investors trying to generate income form their hard-earned money. This is the main reason we started Stadia Capital Group.

We provide fixed income investments that offer better returns with less volatility and no sales commissions or management fees. If you’re wondering how a Certificate of Investment might fit in your portfolio, contact us at (800) 893-6184.


Brett Kennelly

Founder & Managing Director
Stadia Capital Group, LLC

You’ve Worked Hard for Your Money

Now It's Your Money's Turn to Work for You.

But with all the options out there, it can be hard to sort through the complexity of different investment products and services that have varying risks and unclear fees, in order to make the best decision for you.We believe you should spend more time pursuing the activities you enjoy with those you love without worrying about the drama of the stock and bond markets.Our Certificates of Investment offer Accredited Investors predictable monthly income and low market volatility while preserving capital.

What Others Say

"After being on board with Stadia Capital for a few years we are very pleased. All transactions have worked seamlessly and receiving the “regular” check sure beats waiting for the “quarterly” statement and having to figure out the fees and performances.”

C.P. - Hawaii

“While I own equities, at my age, market corrections are always a concern. Yet the returns on most fixed-income investments are unbelievably low. I appreciate the additional monthly income from the Stadia Capital Income and Preservation Fund and the fact that they handle all the paperwork”

J.F. - California

“I am impressed with you because you are truly unique in your approach, vision, and mission.”

D.A. Ph.D. Finance – Illinois

“I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in this investment.”

J.F. - California

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Learn More About Our Certificate of Investment

Get our free, no-obligation Investment Guide that shows how our Certificates of Investment could be the ideal choice for your portfolio.  In it you’ll learn:

Fourteen (14) reasons our Investment Certificates differ from other products in your portfolio.

Easily compare key features and risks between popular investment products.

How Stadia Capital could be a great partner for your fixed income investment strategy.

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