Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Accredited Investor?

  • Net worth of $1 million+ [outside of primary residence] individually/jointly with spouse, or
  • Annual income of $200K/$300K individually/jointly with spouse for the past two years

Accredited Investor verification will be required within 90 days of funding. Please see the verification methods here.

How Do Certificates of Investment Work?

The Stadia Capital Group Certificate of Investment is designed to provide current monthly interest income for a defined period of time, typically 24, 36, 48, or 60 months. Since the investment is designed to be held to maturity, and not traded in the stock or bond markets, the principal valuation remains constant and is redeemed at maturity. Interest income is paid monthly via check or direct deposit.

How Can You Offer Higher Interest Rates?

Stadia Capital Group is a private investment firm with a mandate to provide our clients reliable fixed monthly income without market volatility or management fees. Stadia Capital Group earns net Interest income (NIM) of 3-5% above our cost of funds, as well as capital gains on investments. The Certificates of Investments, CI, are structured under Rule 506c, Regulation D, of the Securities Act.

Who is Eligible to Invest in Certificates of Investment?

Our Certificates of Investment are open to “accredited investors” as defined in Rule 501(a) of Regulation D under the Securities Act.

Are Certificates of Investment FDIC Insured?

Similar to stocks, bonds, ETFs, REITs, hedge funds, real estate, and other investments in your portfolio, CI’s are not FDIC insured.  However, like bank investments, CI’s are secured by senior lien rights on real estate and marketable securities. The fund typically maintains reserves similar to or higher than what is required of a bank. Stadia Capital Certificates of Investment are designed to provide capital preservation and stable principal valuation through maturity.

How Are Certificates of Investment Different from Other Types of Investment?

Prices for marketable securities such as Stocks, bonds, ETFs, REITs, as well as real estate, are subject to market volatility due to current market conditions and demand. This means that the underlying value of the asset fluctuates up or down. The Stadia Capital Group Certificate of Investment is specifically designed to provide capital preservation, predictable monthly income, with no market volatility, sales commissions, or management fees. See our comparative matrix for a quick side-by-side comparison.

How Does the Growth Fund Work?

The Growth Fund features the same rates and terms as our Income Fund, however the interest is reinvested monthly, generating compounding interest. Learn more in our growth fund FAQ.

I Have Questions About Updating the Value of My IRA.

Please click here to see IRA Fair Market Value FAQs.

How Do I Know If a Certificate of Investment is Right for Me?

It depends on your investment goals. Stadia Capital Group is not a financial advisor or brokerage firm, so we can’t give you specific investing advice, but these general observations may help you evaluate the options.

Our Certificates of Investment is designed for people seeking capital preservation and income. If you are searching for high growth investment opportunities, then our CIs would not be the right choice. The capital preservation feature protects you from downside risks by returning 100 percent of your investment principal at redemption, while providing current monthly income.

Conversely, if you require the security of FDIC deposit insurance, the tradeoff is settling for lower interest rates. Our Certificate of Investment is designed to provide accredited investors predictable monthly income without the challenges of market volatility.

Where Does This Investment Fit Within my Managed Assets by my Wealth Manager or Broker?

We believe wealth managers provide an important and helpful service to individuals by providing wealth management services. However, many clients have idle cash outside of their managed portfolios. Our CI is designed as a short to mid-term cash management vehicle that provides current interest income. Our direct to client format, enables you to invest without sales charges or account management fees. Additionally, unlike a managed portfolio our CI has no interim price volatility.

I Would Like to Invest, but My Funds Are in an IRA. Can I Still Participate?

Yes. To invest within an existing IRA, you’ll need to establish a self-directed IRA investment account.  We partner with a Preferred Custodian to facilitate this, and our staff can assist you in completing the necessary paperwork.  Funding of the Certificate of Investment will come through the self-directed IRA and interest payments will go directly to the self-directed IRA account.

What Are the Account Fees and Sales Expenses to Invest in Certificates of Investment?

Zero. There are no sales commissions, broker expenses, or account management fees now or ever to invest with us.  We have an efficient operating structure, and our staff work on salary rather than commission. This approach means 100 percent of your investment principal goes to work immediately to generate predictable monthly income for you.

How Are Earnings Reported to the IRS?

Earnings are reported as simple interest income, via Form 1099-INT.

How Are Earnings Reported to the IRS If I Elect to Reinvest the Earnings?

If you elect to reinvest your earnings to capitalize on growth, earnings are reported annually as simple interest income, via Form 1099-INT. Alternatively, an investment can be tax deferred through a self-directed IRA.

I’m Ready to Invest with You. How Do I Get Started?

Great! Just click here to start the process or call us at (800) 893-6184.

Still Have Questions?

We’re here to help anytime and answer any of your questions about our Certificate of Investment. Please call us at (800) 893-6184 or email us at

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