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Capital Preservation & Income

Designed for investors seeking predictable monthly income, the fund provides capital preservation and protection from market volatility through secured private lending.

Many people are unaware that a bank certificate of deposit, a CD, is a loan by the purchaser of the CD to the bank. In return, the bank provides the holder of the CD a specified rate of interest for a specified period of time. In legal terms, a CD is a promissory note between the bank and the holder of the CD. The bank in turn loans these funds at higher rates to customers for home loans, home equity lines of credit, car loans and other forms of borrowing. This bank lending, coupled with fees, are how banks earn income.

The Stadia Capital Preservation and Income Fund is a private placement fixed income offering designed to perform like a bank CD. The fund aggregates private capital and deploys these funds into strategic investments with the objective of providing our clients higher yields while seeking capital preservation through stable principle valuations.

The fund is an excellent alternative for investors seeking monthly income with investment horizons of 24-48 months.

Capital Preservation & Income

Key Features & Benefits

  • Monthly income
  • Emphasizes capital Preservation
  • Protection from market volatility
  • No Sales charges or commissions
  • No account management fees

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