Fair Market Value FAQ

Q: I received a letter/email from my IRA custodian about updating the Fair Market Value (FMV) – what do I need to do?
A: NO ACTION IS NEEDED if your IRA receives monthly interest payments from Stadia.

  • Your principal value stays the same while your cash balance grows each month.

A: NO ACTION IS NEEDED if your interest is reinvested each month.

  • Stadia will submit the FMV form as your authorized agent.
  • Because your principal increases monthly, Stadia will update your FMV in December to provide year-end value.
  • You will receive a notification each December after the asset value has been updated.


Q: Why does my IRA custodian ask for a yearly Fair Market Value update?
A: All IRA custodians are required to report year-end account values to the IRS using Form 5498.


Q: Why does the IRS need to know my IRA value?
A: The account value can be used to determine the Required Minimum Distribution for Traditional IRA owners over the age of 72. Reporting is still required for IRA owners under 72 and all Roth IRA owners, but it’s only a formality.

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