Freedom from Management Fees

Understanding the Financial Services Industry

An investment account, such as a brokerage account, is merely a holding account within which a client can purchase and manage investments. The account itself is not an investment. A broker or financial services representative sells investment products such as stocks, bonds, REIT’s, annuities, and life insurance. Wealth managers provide services that include identifying investments to purchase, managing the investments, and in some case providing overall wealth management services on behalf of the client.

Stadia Capital Group is neither a broker nor a wealth manager but rather a private financial investment firm that provides income opportunities directly to clients. This direct approach bypasses the middlemen and provides higher returns while also saving clients sales commissions and account management fees.

Our investments are engineered to perform like a certificate of deposit which provides a stipulated rate of return for a specified period of time. For those seeking predictable monthly income and stable principle valuations, our Certificate of Investment fund is an excellent choice.

You've Worked Hard. Now It's Your Money's Turn.

The Problem

The financial services industry is structured to generate commissions, sales charges, and account management fees. Unfortunately, at the same time, risk is transferred to the client.

We strive to minimize this risk through our fund and have zero management fees or sales commissions.

Learn More About Our Certificate of Investment

Get our free, no-obligation Investment Overview that shows how our Certificates of Investment could be the ideal choice for your portfolio. In it you’ll learn:

  • Fifteen (15) reasons our Investment Certificates differ from other products in your portfolio.
  • Easily compare key features and risks between popular investment products.
  • How Stadia Capital could be a great partner for your fixed income investment strategy.

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