Legacy Gifting Fund

Designed to help individuals and charitable organizations, the Legacy Gifting Fund is a simple and effective means by which you can provide monthly philanthropic support to individuals and organizations you care about.

Rather than drawing down your funds to provide charitable giving, the Legacy Gifting Fund allows you to direct investment income to individuals and organizations while retaining full ownership and control of your investment. Additionally, the program allows you to change or modify the direction of income at any time.

If providing reliable charitable contributions to meet the needs of loved ones or organizations is important to you, the Legacy Gifting Fund may be the right fit. 

You've Worked Hard. Now It's Your Money's Turn.

Key Features & Benefits:


  • Retain full ownership and control of your philanthropic capital
  • Individuals and organizations you care about benefit from reliable monthly income
  • There are no sales charges or management fees
  • No adjustments or modifications are required to your will or estate documents
  • Tax preparation is simplified, you receive an annual 1099INT
Capital Preservation & Income

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