Philanthropic Investing

Whether completing a regiment of specialized training or earning a college degree, accomplishment requires a commitment of discipline and effort. However, discipline and hard work alone are sometimes not enough. Before a crop can be harvested, the soil must be tilled, and seeds planted.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve achieved a measure of financial success in your life. It’s likely that somewhere along your journey someone provided assistance. Help may have come in the form of a parent letting you borrow the family car to travel to your first job or someone providing college tuition assistance.

Philanthropic investing is about providing resources that help others bridge the gap from dependency to productivity. This bridge may come in the form of reliable transportation, continued education, or safe housing.

At Stadia Capital Group, our vision is to provide investment opportunities that match resources with needs in ways that produce an abundant crop in the lives of individuals and subsequent generations.

You've Worked Hard. Now It's Your Money's Turn.

Key Services

Domestic Micro Finance:

  • Vocational training funding
  • Vocational equipment capitalization

Housing & Transportation:

  • Acquisition
  • Maintenance
  • Security deposits
  • Private mortgages

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