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Reliable Monthly Income

When we created the Capital Preservation and Income Fund, we started with the end in mind. In other words, we defined the functional features we wanted and worked backward to design an investment capable of offering these features.

The critical features identified included monthly income, protection from market volatility, and preservation of capital. We analyzed what types of investments would be capable of generating monthly income while offering protection from market volatility. Volatility is a fancy word for price fluctuations. Fundamentals drive investment demand, but also human emotions, so we wanted to remove the emotional component. The result was an investment that mirrors the features of a certificate of deposit without sales commissions or management fees.

If these are features you look for in an investment, we invite you to discover the benefits by selecting the Get Started tab. There is never any obligation, and we protect your information so you can be confident your privacy is assured.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Interest income paid monthly.
  • Flexible investment terms of 12-48 months.
  • No sales commissions or account management fees.
  • Protection from market volatility.
Reliable Monthly Income

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